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Inspired by African prints and bright colours in unique, beaded and hand-crafted product like kikoy beach towel, toto kikoy beach towels, kikoy wrap/sarong, kikoy beach bags, Maasai beaded leather sandals, jewellery box and bowls all the way from Africa.

Maasai Shuka                       

Maasai Shuka 150x200cm can be used in many different ways couch throws, living room decor, picnics blankets and table covers.

The Most Popular Products:

Maasai Sandals

African Maasai sandals are unique leather handmade decorated with special beads and different design/colours. Handmade in Kenya.

Kikoy Beach Towels​​

Traditional Kenyan wrap, about 66 inches by 40 inches in size, it is made from 100% natural cotton with traditionally hand knotted ends and comes in truly vibrant colours . Use as a towel, a cover-up, sarong or scarf .